Display a New Side of Your Features

Get exposed aggregate concrete additions in Whitehall, OH

Get exposed aggregate concrete additions in Whitehall, OH

People typically add decorative rocks to their landscape to boost their curb appeal. However, adding pebbles to your concrete can be just as effective. Optimus Concrete Co. provides exposed aggregate concrete services in the Whitehall, Ohio area. Once we’ve poured your features, we’ll power wash them to expose the rocks inside.

When your concrete dries, we’ll seal it to protect it from weathering and give it a brilliant shine. Call 614-255-8732 now to get a free estimate on exposed aggregate concrete work in Whitehall, Ohio.

Do you need your concrete repaired?

Optimus Concrete can fix concrete driveways, sidewalks, porches and even shed pads. Schedule routine repair work to:

  • Maintain your curb appeal
  • Prevent your features from looking shabby
  • Strengthen your concrete

We’ll also seal your concrete to enhance each of these benefits. Choose us for concrete repair services in Whitehall, Ohio or nearby cities. Discuss your project with a contractor today.