Concrete Installation in the Whitehall & Columbus, OH Area

Get stained concrete features for your Whitehall & Columbus, OH home

Get stained concrete features for your Whitehall & Columbus, OH home

While you may do everything possible to keep your property stain-free, some stains can bring out the best in your home. Optimus Concrete Co. offers stained concrete work in Whitehall, Ohio and beyond. We’ll stain your existing concrete features to give them a brand-new look. A contractor will also repair your concrete to restore its original appearance. We pour concrete for driveways too!

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4 reasons to stain your concrete

Optimus Concrete can construct new features and color them for you. We can install driveways, patios, garage floors and hot tub pads. Our clients get their concrete stained for many different reasons. Here are four:

  1. Cost. You won’t pay a lot for concrete staining work. It’s even cheaper than installing tile, carpet or wood floors.
  2. Appeal. You can choose any color you want. We’ll explore your options with you.
  3. Protection. Stains preserve your concrete and enhance its durability.
  4. Uniqueness. Even if we stain your concrete features the same color, they’ll all be tinted differently depending on their age and composition.

Hire us to pour any features you want. Call now for concrete driveway installation service in Whitehall, Ohio or the vicinity.